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Check this out!

Ixxi (by Mundo Siddah at Ixxi Blog)

Ixxi (by Mundo Siddah at Ixxi Blog)

Ixxi is a decorative wall system. With x’s and cards, you can create your own wall hanging in any size possible. Your ixxi image is printed on cards of 20 x 20 cm and sent to you. Although Ixxi is based in the Netherlands, you can order on-line and have your wall art shipped anywhere in the world.

How cool is this product?  The possibilities are endless!

Ixxi Office - Girl With a Pearl Earring

Ixxi Office (sourced from Ixxi Blog)

They have a great online tool which allows you to pixelate your image of choice.  I love the pixelated image of the ‘Girl With a Pearl Earring‘ in the Ixxi offices.

ixxi Pixel  (Lamb)

Ixxi Pixel Image

Ixxi Pixel Image Close Up

Ixxi Pixel Image Close Up

There is a great inspiration section on the Ixxi Website.  You can access it here.