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Rob Ryan I think that you are gorgeous Paper Cut

Rob Ryan Paper Art

If you have, here’s a refresher.  If you haven’t, let me introduce you to the wonderful Rob Ryan, a most talented illustrator specialising in whimsical and intricate paper cuts (and limited edition laser cuts for the more cash strapped, like me!).  Have you tried paper cutting?  I have.  It’s painstaking and takes   F O R E V E V E R.

Rob Ryan image

Rob Ryan (ideastap.com)

Rob’s beautiful work has been around for a while now.  He has collaborated with a number of recognisable names Vogue, Elle magazine, Paul Smith, Liberty of London (one of my all time favourite places!), and more.

Rob Ryan Vogue Dress

Rob Ryan Vogue Dress

My Rob Ryan Laser Cut

My Rob Ryan laser cut (bought from the V & A Shop)

My Rob Ryan Tile

My Rob Ryan Tile

If you’re keen to learn more, visit Rob Ryan’s website here.  If you buy from his etsy shop (here), I found the service from his team just as warm and fabulous as his work.