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I have a bit of a thing for tea towels.  I like things that are functional yet have some sort of design aesthetic, especially if it makes me smile.  Tea towels are the perfect canvas for this.  What’s more, they’re usually inexpensive.

Rachel Castle Tea Towel

Rachel Castle/Gorman http://www.gormanshop.com.au

Modern Art Tea Towel

Modern Art by Craig Damrauer thirddrawerdown.com

(It’s clear, after selecting images for this post, that I favour tea towels with words!)

The thing about tea towels is that you don’t have to just use them for drying dishes…

And my so-kitsche-it’s-cool personal tea towel favourite…

Suzie Stanford Tea Towel Chair

Suzie Stanford Tea Towel Chair (www.suziestanford.com.au)