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Last night we went to see the most fabulous La Soiree at the Sydney Opera House.  Amazing what you can do with an iPhone camera….
Sydney Harbour Bridge

TSL Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House Concourse

La Soiree bills itself as a theatrical phenomenon. “A unique and inspirational night of live entertainment, it’s a heady cocktail of cabaret, new burlesque, circus sideshow and contemporary variety (which has) has taken the world by storm”. It showcases some of the more twisted cabaret entertainers from around the world, including stars of the Olivier-Award winning La Clique.

If you want a night of laughing ’til your sides hurt coupled with clever, gymnastic cabaret – you definitely should grab the opportunity to see La Soiree if it rolls into town near you.

Some of the troupe performing last night:

La Soiree - la Gateaux Chocolate


Le Gateau Chocolat – an opera-singing diva with an amazing baritone and a penchant for body hugging lycra and a wonderfully warm sense of humour.

La Soiree - the English Gents





The English Gents – Denis Lock and Hamish McCann perform amazing acrobatics displaying incredible strength and balance while reading the paper, smoking a pipe and twirling an umbrella.

La Soiree - Ursula Martinez





Ursula Martinez – If you don’t know about Ursula’s cult striptease act with her disappearing hanky, google her!!!

La Soiree - Captain Frodo






Captain Frodo – I think Captain Frodo was my favourite of the night.  A clever, funny and incredibly bendy contortionist who had me in stitches.

La Soiree - David O'Mer





David O’Mer –  If you haven’t yet seen the ‘Bath Boy’ in action, words simply can’t do his performance justice.

There is a wee taste below…




Have a fab’ weekend!

(all images sourced from La Soiree)