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Jeff Thompson has made a successful career out of creating amazing sculpture out of corrugated iron.  He has made corrugated iron animals, birds, cars and people. He has manipulated corrugated iron into intricate and beautiful forms.

Corrugated iron is a distinctively Australasian material.  With much humour, Jeff Thomson pokes fun at our icons and puts them in the spotlight, making us look at them in a whole new light.

Image of corrugated iron Holden by Jeff Thomson

Jeff Thomson HQ Holden (1991) - Now exhibited at Te Papa, Thomson did not put his HQ Holden into a gallery straight away, but drove it around on the open road, both in New Zealand and Australia. It was his only vehicle for three years, and he carried all his rusty corrugated iron on the roof.

Image of life sized sculptures of two giraffes by Jeff Thomson

Jeff Thomson Giraffes (2007) Private commission, life sized (truly! I have seen them!)

Jeff Thomson image of Mat (in detail)

Jeff Thomson Mat (in detail) (2008)

Jeff Thomson Weaving image in detail

Jeff Thomson Weaving (in detail) (2007)

Image of Jeff Thomson Weaving

Jeff Thomson White (2008)

I have a couple of small pieces of Jeff Thompson’s corrugated iron sculpture.  I would love more (although perhaps not a life-sized giraffe!)

Image of my Jeff Thomson Pohutukawa sculpture

My Jeff Thomson Pohutukawa

Jeff Thomson, I love your work and I would love to come and visit your studio one day…

Image of Jeff Thomson's studio

Jeff Thomson Studio

Image of the artist and his boat

The artist and his (you guessed it!) corrugated iron boat

(Image of the Holden (top) from the museum of Te Papa.  All other images from Jeff Thomson’s website here.)