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As I write this, I have been a blogger for two months. Yep – two whole months. Can hardly believe it myself.

I had been considering a blog (read: talking about the possibility) for ages. I had been (still am, for that matter) a blog stalker for even longer, sitting on the sidelines marvelling at all the incredibly talented and creative people out there in cyber-space. Then, one day LM suggested a ‘starter blog’, as a way for me to dip my toe in the blogosphere water and see what the temperature was like. And so I did – WordPress is my friend! – AND I’m here to tell you the temperature here in blog-land is just fine… I may stay a while.

I’ve fallen in love with blogging. It’s my new favourite thing.  I’m still a newbie. I’m still finding my feet. But, I have connected with some amazing people from around the world. There is a wonderful sense of community in blog-land. It’s a friendly, happy place (for the most part). Piffle! I just read that back to myself – Does it sound a bit too much like I’m describing Disneyland? 

Anyhoo, over the past month or so, a few of my fellow blogging buddies have very kindly recognised This Sydney Life by nominating this blog for a few blogging awards.  For the most part, these awards involve recognising the blogger who nominated you; nominating more blogs; and telling your blog readers a few tidbits about yourself.
Image of Gwyneth Paltrow Accepting her Oscar

To be honest, I’ve been holding off responding because it’s much, much easier to write or post about almost anything other than yourself.  Truly.  But, I’ve been feeling ungracious.  It’s been on my mind.  I like to think I was brought up ‘proper’.  So, the time has come.  Here goes:

Versatile Blogger Award Button

A huge shout-out to the four wonderful, yet very different, bloggers for my Versatile Blogger award nominations.

  • I have to start with the gorgeous In Pursuit of More, a wonderful blog from Canada about living with a little less to gain a little more.  It’s chock full of recipes and Shira writes with so much enthusiasm.  She always makes the day seem brighter. I am now addicted to her kale pesto!
  • Marina Chetner’s U.S. based photography blog is filled with beautiful photographs and tales of Marina’s travels.  She’s an Australian who has lived on both the Eastern and Western coasts of the U.S. Her blog makes you wish you were with her in her travels.
  • Zac the All Black is written from the perspective of Zac, the Tibetan Terrier.  Zac lives in Melbourne.  He’s a most chatty pup. Bella (the poodle) is especially fond of this blog.
  • Frozen Moments is about life off the beaten track, and one a very long way away from Sydney.  Jack and Barbra Donachy provide an amazing insight into life above the Arctic Circle.  (They also describe my blog as vibrant! Gotta’ love them for that!)

  • The Kreativ Blogger award nomination came from My Daily Creativity, where Angela is sharing her 365 days of creativity.  Thanks Angela!
  • And, the Liebster Blog award nomination comes from Kitty’s Dolceforno, a luscious offering of baking from the delectable Kitty who (in her own words) is “A graphic designer who bakes as a hobby and obsessively takes pictures of her efforts.” Cheers Kitty!

As for my nominations, it’s a hard thing to do, pick out of the many fabulous offerings.  I find new and interesting blogs almost daily.  So, this list is a taste of some of my regular favourites.  Here’s to you.  I think your blogs are wonderful…

  • Textile and Terrain – Harriet, and sometimes Nina, have a slight obsession with flowers and fabric.  They source beautiful (and often unexpected) finds with gorgeous images.
  • The Walkup is one of my more recent finds. Keren’s most gorgeous blog is about art, design, interiors and all sorts of other goodies.  Yum!
  • A Design For Wife is a “super keen bean”.  She lives in London (my other home) and her blog explores her love of design, clean lines, charity shop raiding, baking and the like.
  • Layyla Over the Rooftops of the World is a collection of things and images and themes that fascinate the lovely Layyla from Poland.  Often, they fascinate me, as well.
  • WhatIMeant2Say – If you want to laugh out loud, this is the blog for you.  A forty-something mother and teacher in San Antonio, Texas talks about her life with Cap’n Firepants, Dimples and (my favourite) Wonderbutt.  Oh yes – she hates giving personal details about herself.  You join the dots.
  • What We Like NYC is a curated guide to New York city and I wish I’d known about these four before I visited last year.  If you are heading to the big apple, you gotta’ check this out!
  • Arhitektura+ is written by a Sydney based architect from Serbia.  She showcases architecture, design and interiors from around the globe (and she has a great eye)
  • Sweat Like Mambo is where the fit and fun Mambo chronicles her daily life.  Well worth a visit.
  • bfarhardesign is design grad’, Becky’s place to document her ideas and inspirations.  It’s a fabulously colourful blog – very upbeat.
  • everydaysparks is where Cate puts stuff she sees which you may not.  It’s a lovely, quirky wee find and it’s sure to make you smile.
  • Magsx2 – this blog is the emporium of interesting things that you probably didn’t know about.  Mags posts daily about interesting things, usually in video format, and it’s kind of addictive!
  • I Me Mine is Danielle’s vehicle to share what she loves with the world.  I particularly like her insights into Perth, WA (the most geographically isolated city in the world!)
  • A Global Garnish – very lovely blog written by a serious foodie and traveller with a talent for the written word.  Just gorgeous.
Now, the dreaded 7 Things About Me… I can’t really take this that seriously. This will be available to the world FOREVER (and all that). How about I just give you 6 truths and 1 lie. You can try and work out the lie.
My favourite movie of all time is ‘The Princess Bride’.
Image of The Princess Bride
My first cassette (which pre-date CDs for anyone born after 1980) was the Psychedelic Furs, ‘Forever Now’. I still love it.
Image of the Psychedelic Furs 'Forever Now' Album
I hardly ever do fingernail polish.  My toes are always OPI ‘Thrill of Brazil’. (These are not my toes.)
Image of painted toes

The celebrity I most resemble is Mae West (when she was alive).

Image of Mae West circa 1936

My favourite colour is orange.

Colour Orange Image

I have visited Dayton, Ohio THREE times.  

(I have no plans to return at this time.)

Map of Ohio

LM and I both have monocular vision.  His lazy eye is the opposite to mine.  It’s impossible for us to look each other in the eye.

'I SEE YOU' (Actually, not really)

Wow!  If you are still with me after that epistle – thank you for wading all the way to the end!  I’m going to finish this post here.

Oh, not quite – have a fab’ Easter, all of you.

I'm a Rabbit Dress Up