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Sometimes the perfect gift just jumps out at you. I have a very good friend who is not the easiest girl to buy for. She’s fabulously talented, has a great career and if she wants for anything, she usually buys it herself. This buddy of mine, she travels a lot. So, when I saw this wee number at Banjo & Matilda, it had her name written all over it.

A travel sized pillow and co-ordinating sleep mask in cashmere no less!!! How gorgeous is that? AND – how to feel like you’re (almost) up the pointy end of the plane when you really aren’t…

Here’s the front of the blue set:

Image of Banjo & Matilda Jet Set Package in Blue

and, (just when you thought it couldn’t get any better) here’s the back:

Image of back of Banjo & Matilda Jet Set Package in Blue

For those of you (like me) who like to have your deluxe cashmere fly incognito, so to speak…

Ooh la la!  It comes in black (and a series of other colours), too:

Image of Banjo & Matilda Jet Set Package in Black

And THEN, (if you are a better friend than me!) there is also…

The matching travel blanket. Hoo-ha!:

Image of Banjo & Matilda Travel Blanket in Blue

Headquartered in Bondi Beach in Sydney, Belynda Macpherson launched her Banjo & Matilda business in 2008. With its philosophy of low maintenance style and comfort – but always in luxe cashmere, mind you – it resonates strongly with the relaxed Aussie lifestyle of sun, sand and the surf.

For those of you who may not be aware, the Banjo & Matilda brand is a lovely Aussie success story.  Currently they have a great womens-wear selection, with plans to extend their range into mens and baby.

I can say from experience that the Banjo & Matilda customer service is fantastic.  Truly – and, I don’t say that lightly. For those of you outside Australia, they conveniently ship their cashmere worldwide from their on-line store, delivering it in custom-made brown boxes to their customers’ doorsteps. And it arrives fast.

If you have a few minutes, have a squizz at the Banjo & Matilda website here.

(All images sourced from Banjo & Matilda)