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I stumbled across these whimsical bubble gum paperweights by Esque Studio and was intrigued. I have absolutely no need for a paperweight on my over-flowing desk and yet, still I want one…

Image of Esque Studio Bubblegum Paperweight

Image of 3 Esque Studio Bubblegum Paperweights

When I went foraging, I found this quote on Andi Kovel and Justin Parker’s Esque Studio (and shop!) website (here):

Practice random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty. (Adair Lara)

Well, that just made me want to learn more! I love that sentiment!

So, Esque Studio is the culmination of a long collaboration between the two artists – Andi Kovel and Justin Parker. They went with ‘Esque’ as a nod to all the outside influences that inspire them (as in picture-esque).

Apparently, I have been living under a rock because Kovel and Parker are well-known for breaking the rules with glass. They’ve received international acclaim, most notably with being named part of Time Magazine’s “Design 100,” today’s most influential and inspiring international designers. They’ve collaborated with lots of glass-lovers – from Stumptown Coffee, for whom they designed a coffee shop in Portland’s Ace Hotel (I have got to visit the Ace Hotel.  It keeps getting mentioned wherever I look), to Lenny Kravitz, who commissioned the glass for his Miami pad (imagine?!) – and they have completed projects for Donna Karen, Ralph Lauren, The W Hotel, Hugo Boss, Anthropologie, Sephora and Design Within Reach… just not me, it seems. How do you feel about a trip to Sydney, Andi and Justin?

I particularly love this guy – the Heady Terrarium.  You can stand him up as a clear bust or lay him down and fill him with dirt and plants:

Image of Esque Studio Heady Terrarium

Or, how about the, admittedly slightly freaky-yet-strangely-beautiful Glass Eyes?  They’d be a conversation starter, for sure:

Image of Esque Studio glass eyes

One of my favourites – the gorgeous and eye-catching Featherballs. Yes, please!:

Image of Esque Design Featherballs

Image of Esque Studio Featherballs Detail

Esque Studio is based out of Portland, Oregon. (I actually had to check out the geography of where Oregon sits in the US. Near all the coffee of Seattle, sort of near the skiing of BC – it must be a great place!). Not the most convenient spot to get to from Sydney, but I’ve added it to my wee list!

(All images sourced from the Esque Studio website here)