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Image of Rosenthal Paper Bag Vase

Years ago, my Dad gave my Mum a Rosenthal Paperbag Vase. She then gave it to me for my birthday one year because she knew how much I loved it. I still do. Looking at it makes me happy. It’s a little whimsical. It’s a little charming. It’s stronger than it looks (and has moved countries with me).  I think of my Mum when I look at it. And, given my incredibly bad flower arranging skills, the hapless way flowers fall in this vase (and still look good!) – it is perfect for me.

Image of 2 Rosenthal Paper Bag Vases

Image from here

The porcelain Paperbag vase was created by Finnish designer Tapio Wirkkala for Rosenthal in 1977.  Today the Paperbag is one of the best-selling articles in Rosenthal’s collection. It reflects Wirkkala’s ability to find a little poetry in everyday life and, at the same, provide an amusing nod to the 1960s Pop Art movement.

Clearly, I am not the only one who loves their Paperbag vase.  Some have become almost obsessive about collecting them…

Image of Paper Bag Vase Collection

Not sure I need quite so many!
Image from here

If you decide life would be better with a Rosenthal Paperbag vase, you can order one (or more!) online from the Finnish Design Shop and it will even be delivered to your door!