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They are a little bit rude. They are a little bit contentious. They won’t appeal to everyone. They are certainly not for children…

Brooklyn-based artist Mark McGinnis and his series of most un-PC Alphabet Series prints seem to have found a comfortable wee niche. For the uninitiated, you’ll love ’em or you’ll hate ’em, but these spoofed alphabet cards (remember them from primary school?) will definitely cause a reaction.

I’ve got a sample of some of (what I consider to be) the tamer cards here:

I’m not sure IΒ actuallyΒ want to hang one on my wall, but the letter M did make me smile AND whichever letter you chose, it would be a conversation starter… What do you think?

If you decide you’d like a Mark McGinnis Alphabet Series print on your wall, you can buy one here, from The Future Perfect.

(All images sourced from here.)