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Image of Comme de Garcon Dover Street Market Shop Front

Dover Street Market Shop Front
25 Years of Comme des Garçon Shirts
Image sourced from Dover Street Market

When I was perhaps 18 or 19 years old I splashed out on my first piece of Comme des Garçon clothing. Looking back, it was a ridiculously expensive purchase for a university student. It was an over-sized mens shirt. I loved that shirt. Just loved it. I thought I was so cool when I wore it with my straight leg jeans, rolled up at the cuff and my brogues.

Then, in my twenties, I bought a Comme des Garçon black chiffon shirt (patterned on a denim jacket, but in silk). Almost twenty years on, and I still wear it. Still love it, too. It’s my go-to piece when I want to have a casual-yet-glam’ wee number to throw over my shoulders.

You may recall me mentioning recently that I’m taking a crochet class in May. My brother refers to my craft endeavours as ‘haberdashery classes’. I think he just likes the word haberdashery, but I don’t care. If I can end up creating things like these yummy Comme des Garçon Crochet Jumpers, I will be one very happy crochet-ing camper… (a girl’s gotta’ dream, doesn’t she?)

Image of Comme des Garcons crochet needle jumpers

Comme des Garçon Crochet Needle Jumpers
Image sourced from Dover Street Market

Designed by Rei Kawakubo, founder of the label, who says that these men’s and women’s jumpers are the perfectly example of “made with love and attention by mother”. They have been created with a handmade finish in patterns reminiscent of the past. They are apparently also available as scarves, but I kinda’ like the modern-retro feel of the jumpers.

Image of Comme de Garcon designer Rei Kawabuko

Comme des Garçon Designer and Founder, Rei Kawabuko
Image taken by Kate Betts (2007) for Ego Design

Rei Kawabuko apparently once said, “The only thing important to me is making clothes,” For more than four decades, she has continually upset the industry apple cart by challenging accepted standards of beauty. I love that about her designs.

Dover Street Market has an online shop if you happen to anywhere but London. You can visit it here.