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'But House Needs A Friend' by Mylyn Ngugen

‘But House Needs A Friend’ (2009) by Mylyn Ngugen
Materials: clay, paint, felt, ink on paper
15 x 10 x 4cm
(Image © Brenda May Gallery)

Can you imagine Simon as a kid? His imaginary friends probably never wanted to play with him. (Paula Abdul)

Are you ready for a lovely wee story this Friday morning…?

Mylyn Nguyen has always wanted an imaginary friend. I quite fancy the idea myself. When she turned 22, she imagined that she had an imaginary friend when she was just 6 years old. As time went by, she started to draw pictures of what her friend would look like – black with beady eyes. Later, he turned into a greenish monster and morphed into glass every time they played hide and seek together.

At 25, she decided she needed to put away childish things.  She became embarrassed about the imaginary friend bear figurine she had made for her work desk. She packed him away and became too busy for playing.

Fortunately for us, when Mylyn turned 26, she saw the light. She, “blew out the candles on her birthday cake and wished for my alien mother ship, my black beady eyed friend and a giant bear. I now ride the train to work with a glass friend in my pocket, a bear in my bag and a conversation with the little dust bunny in the crack of the window seal, populated by three little villages and a bug. I still get embarrassed. But I do it anyway… “

Have a look at some of her delightfully whimsical, not to mention lilliputian, creations…

'Can We Go Now?' by Mylyn Ngyen

‘Can We Go Now?’ (2009) by Mylyn Nguyen
Materials: clay, paint, felt, ink on paper
7cm x 15cm x 4cm
(Image © Brenda May Gallery)

'Bottle A Tree + Girl' by Mylyn Nguyen

‘Bottle A Tree + Girl’ (2011) by Mylyn Nguyen
Materials: glass bottle, dirt, sponge, twig, w/c + ink on paper
8.5cm x 4cm x 3cm
(Image © Brenda May Gallery)

'But How Do We Get Up There?' by Mylyn Nguyen

‘But How Do We Get Up There?’ (2009) by Mylyn Nguyen
Materials: clay, paint, felt, ink on paper
11cm x 6cm x 5cm
(Image © Brenda May Gallery)

'Into the Woods (Gulliver's Travels)' by Mylyn Nguyen

‘Into the Woods (Gulliver’s Travels)’ (2010) by Mylyn Nguyen
Materials: watercolour, ink, found book, paper, bamboo
30cm x 27cm x 20cm
(Image © Brenda May Gallery)

'White Dining Chair' by Mylyn Nguyen

‘White Dining Chair’ (2009) by Mylyn Nguyen
Materials: found chair, wood, twigs, foam, dirt, paint
89cm x 40cm x 37cm
(Image © Brenda May Gallery)

Wouldn’t you love to build your own imaginary world like Mylyn has done?

Mylyn Nguyen is represented by Brenda May Gallery here in Sydney. In November this year, she will have a solo show at the gallery, entitled ‘An Owl Flew Into My Office and Told Me to Look for a Bear’.

The gallery featured a blog post on Mylyn Nguyen here.

I’m a bit of a fan of Brenda May Gallery. I have previously mentioned them in my post about ‘A Bear With a Very Little Brain’.