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'Stars' by People Too (The Beatles)

‘Stars’ by People Too (The Beatles)
(Image © People Too)

'Stars' by People Too (Bob Marley)

‘Stars’ by People Too (Bob Marley)
(Image © People Too)

I wish I understood Russian… At least, today I do. Then, I’d be able to tell you so much more about People Too, the team behind this incredible paper art. Check it out. And, then check it out again – but, look closer this time. The detail is simply incredible.

From what I can gather, People Too is the collaborative effort of two russian designers, Alexei Lyapunoy and Lena Ehrlich. Using a range of knives, scissors, tweezers, and other tools on wire, not to mention a combination of construction and specialty papers, they create not only miniature furniture and figures, but also entire sets for the pieces.

I don’t know exactly how they do it, but I can tell you the intricacy is mind-blowing. See what you think…

'Room Rosario' by People Too

‘Room Rosario’ by People Too
(Image © People Too)

'Pushkin Knew' by People Too

‘Pushkin Knew’ by People Too
(Image © People Too)

'Passengers' by People Too

‘Passengers’ by People Too
(Image © People Too)

'Attractive and Charming' by People Too

‘Attractive and Charming’ by People Too
(Image © People Too)

'Looking for Work' by People Too

‘Looking for Work’ by People Too
(Image © People Too)

People Too have so much more to see on their site here. It really is worth a look. Promise. You can also buy their prints from Artflakes.

Alexei Lyapunoy and Lena Ehrlich – if you are reading this, a translate button on your site to English would be most appreciated! Google Translate can only assist so much.