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'Sunbather' by Twig

‘Sunbather’ by Twig
(Image © Twig Terrariums)

Since I started blogging back in February, I have come across a few cool ‘n’ groovy things in Brooklyn that I’m keen to see in real life. Not least of these is my blogging bud’ from the very cool travel blog, MarinaChetner.com. Go check it out*. She’s a fab’ travel writer and her blog always features wonderful images, too. (just in case you’re wondering, Marina currently lives in Brooklyn).

Anyhoo, in addition to the lovely Marina, and the Wythe Hotel, and the Diner restaurant, and the Brooklyn Flea market, and, and, and so much more, there is now Twig, as well!

I know, I know – for all you hip ‘n’ happening types out there saying, “Duh! So yesterday!”. This post isn’t pitched at you. This is for the rest of us. The ones at the bottom of the world where it sometimes takes a while for cool stuff to find us.

Twig Terrariums is the Brooklyn based venture, sprung from the minds of two old friends, Michelle Inciarrano and Katy Maslow. They create moss terrariums and other small worlds in antique, vintage, and new glass containers, apothecary jars, science glass, kitchen ware, and any odd glass objects they find on our travels. And, despite the fact that there is no green thumb on my person, I think they are just the bees knees. Do bees have a sense of humour…?

Each Twig Terrarium contains a very special scene using miniature figurines to complete your little green landscape – from idyllic pastoral scenes with cows and horses to angry punk rockers and Central Park muggings.

Have a look…

'Boobies' by Twig

‘Boobies’ by Twig
(Image © Twig Terrariums)

'Picture That' by Twig

‘Picture That’ by Twig
(Image © Twig Terrariums)

'Bike Break' by Twig

‘Bike Break’ by Twig
(Image © Twig Terrariums)

'Basking' by Twig

‘Basking’ by Twig
(Image © Twig Terrariums)

'Lightbulb Moment' by Twig

‘Lightbulb Moment’ by Twig
(Image © Twig Terrariums)

'Full Moon' by Twig

‘Full Moon’ by Twig
(Image © Twig Terrariums)

Twig Terrariums can be purchased at their studio in Brooklyn, selected stores in New York and online (here). They even offer custom orders.

All this is fantabulous if you happen to live in the States.  If, like me you don’t. The girls at Twig have helpfully arranged for you to be able to design your own terrarium by following the instruction in their book!

Image of Twig Terrariums Book

I’ve checked. You can buy it through Amazon here.

*Marina, I do recognise that you are a person, not a thing. Promise.