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Rebecca Wilson's Delft Porcelain Paperware

Rebecca Wilson’s Delft Porcelain Paper-ware
(Image © Rebecca Wilson)

Can you believe that beautiful paper-cup with the Delft floral image is actually made out of porcelain? Is it not gorgeous?

The very talented Rebecca Wilson is the ceramicist responsible for these pieces. She believes the paper cup is an icon of our ‘throwaway culture’. By imposing classical ceramic styling and transposing materials, she aims to highlight and question our tendency towards wasteful consumerism. It’s a lofty goal – but she certainly makes me reconsider the disposable paper coffee cup…

These cups are hand-built from cast sheets of specially formulated porcelain paperclay slip. They come in two different styles – both derived from traditional ceramic aesthetics. The ‘Jasperware’ version emulates Wedgewood’s iconic range using stained porcelain slip and embossed relief details in white. And, the Dutch classic ‘Blue Delft’ (my favourite) is alluded to in digital decals scanned from hand drawn decals in blue biro.

Rebecca Wilson's Wedgewood Paperware

Rebecca Wilson’s Wedgewood Picnic-ware
(Image © Rebecca Wilson)

Rebecca Wilson's Delft Paperware

Rebecca Wilson’s Delft Paper-ware
(Image © Rebecca Wilson)

If the porcelain paper-ware wasn’t enough for you, how about some paper-ware that looks like porcelain…? Confused?

In response to the call for an affordable and disposable version of her ‘Finest Porcelain Paper-ware’, Rebecca created the ‘Finest Paperware (Paper)’ collection. People wanted a version of these that they could have and use.

These cups are hand-built from cast sheets of handmade paper. Like their porcelain counterparts, they come in the two different styles. The ‘Jasperware’ version emulates Wedgewood’s iconic range using stained dyed paper and embossed relief details in white. And the Dutch classic ‘Blue Delft’ is alluded to in hand drawn decals in blue biro. They are suitable for hot and cold drinks, and are made from sustainable materials in the UK, and are fully recyclable.

You can learn more about the very talented Rebecca Wilson and her deliciously irreverent ceramics here. You can also pick up a pack of 12 of her Finest Picnic-ware from Culture Label for just £10. Bargain!