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Modern Art Tea Towel by Craig Damraer

Modern Art Tea Towel by Craig Damrauer
(Image from Third Drawer Down)

Craig Damrauer’s tea towel for Third Drawer Down is kind of how I feel about the super talented Rachel Castle – only, you have to substitute his words ‘modern art’ for the name ‘Rachel Castle’, and I couldn’t really do what she does (except in my imagination).

Rachel Castle is one of those amazingly clever and creative design-y types who makes it all look so easy. I’m sure it wasn’t always so, but I just love her sense of fun combined with her joy of colour. I also loves that she works with her Mum.

'I Come From A Land Down Under' by Rachel Castle

‘I Come From A Land Down Under’ by Rachel Castle
Felt and sparkly cotton on vintage linen
(Image from Castle and Things)

Castle was founded in 2008 by Rachel Castle with a small range of bed linen made for friends and family. Considerable interest ensured it quickly became a commercial venture. The brand represents a love of beautiful, often handcrafted or handprinted, pieces for the home.

Rachel Castle has spent the past 20 years working in the homewear industry both in Australia and abroad. Prior to Castle, Rachel was joint founder of London-based branding and design agency, The Nest, and before that, worked for The Conran Shop in the UK. She regularly styles and writes for Australian lifestyle magazines, and currently lives in Sydney.

All handmade artworks are sewn by Rachel Castle and her very patient and loving mother, Jillian Patching. I love them.

'Put the Love in The Coconut' by Rachel Castle

‘Put the Love in The Coconut’ by Rachel Castle
Felt on vintage linen
(Image from Castle and Things)

'Stripey Heart' by Rachel Castle

‘Stripey Heart’ by Rachel Castle
Felt on vintage linen
(Image from Castle and Things)

'Going to the Opera' by Rachel Castle

‘Going to the Opera’ by Rachel Castle
Acrylic on 500gsm pure European linen
(Image from Castle and Things)

If you’d like to learn more about Rachel Castle’s work – like her collaboration with equally talented Aussie it-girl, Lisa Gorman – check out her website here.