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The Travellers Have Arrived by Gillie & Marc Schattner

‘The Travellers Have Arrived’ by Gillie & Marc Schattner (New South Wales)
bronze paint, fibreglass
(Image by TSL)

Sculpture occupies real space like we do… you walk around it and relate to it almost as another person or another object.  (Chuck Close)

LM and I were up bright and early on Friday morning to check out the sixteenth annual Sculpture by the Sea exhibition on the Bondi to Tamarama coastal walk. It is a spectacular example of how to successfully make art accessible to everyone and is now one of the most significant sculpture exhibitions in the world.  The fact that it is a free public event makes it even more impressive, I think.

If you ever find yourself in Sydney in late October, it is definitely something for your ‘to do’ list. Until then, here are a few happy snaps…

'In Search of the Sea' by Peter Tilley (New South Wales)

‘In Search of the Sea’ by Peter Tilley (New South Wales)
cast iron, corten steel
(Image by TSL)

I think this is ‘Wave Pending’ by Carlotta Brunetti (Germany)
tree branches, vines, string, wire
(Image by TSL)

‘Intercut Head Hand and Figure’ by Terry Stringer (New Zealand)
bronze, bolts
(Image by TSL)

'Where Do The Children Play?' by Warwick, Ben & Sam Orme (New South

‘Where Do The Children Play?’ by Warwick, Ben & Sam Orme (New South Wales)
100 toys, bamboo, cord
(Image by TSL)

‘Knot Standing?’ by Paul Trefry (New South Wales)
steel, aluminium
(Image by TSL)

‘Together’ by Elaine Clocherty (Western Australia)
found local natural materials
(Image by TSL)

View’ by Dave Mercer (New South Wales)
powder coated stainless steel, acrylic
(Image by TSL)

'Transition' by Greer Taylor (New South Wales)

‘Transition’ by Greer Taylor (New South Wales)
plastic, powder coated steel
(Image by TSL)

‘The Optimist’ by Stephen Marr (New South Wales)
styrene, epoxy resin, gesso, oil print, urethane glaze, polymer
with Cave Urban’s wind-driven installation ‘Mengenang’ (Memories) behind
(Image by TSL)

‘Came Back’ by Hiroaki Nakayama (Japan)
black granite
(Image by TSL)

‘Invasive Colonisation’ by Alex Goad (Victoria)
fine white earthenware clay, glaze, wire, stainless steel cord
(Image by TSL)