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Florence by Julian Wolkenstein

Julian Wolkentein’s ‘Florence’
(Image from here)

A horse is a thing of beauty… none will tire of looking at him as long as he displays himself in his splendour. (Xenophon)

Sometimes, I’m a little behind the eight ball. Sometimes, it takes me a while to catch on. Clearly. This is one of those times…

I was having a mooch around the School*, that most fabulous site that is the brainchild of the lovely Megan Morton. To be honest, I was looking for Rachel Castle’s next screen printing class (It’s on 15 March, 2014, if you’re interested!) and then I found these splendiferous wee horsey pics by the talented Julian Wolkenstein. I kind of love them.

That is to say, I kind of love them, despite the fact I don’t fall into that ‘I love horses‘ camp that some girls belong to. They make me smile.

Misty by Julian Wolkenstein

Julian Wolkentein’s ‘Misty’
(Image from here)

Apparently, Mr Wolkenstein had the idea of experimenting with horses’ manes after a conversation with another advertising mate.

With a background in advertising photography and used to working with a very specific client brief, Julian also thinks, “It is important to do personal projects just for fun, not to sell anything, but just to remind you why you make images, but mostly, and simply, to make you smile.”

Harmony by Julian Wolkenstein

Julian Wolkentein’s ‘Harmony’
(Image from here)

Apparently, each horse took around four hours to groom, with hair extensions being added by hair-stylist Acacio da Silva. Wow!

You can order prints of Julian’s horses from The School. They come in 3 sizes: 

The small print is 20cm x 26cm and retails for $125

The medium print is 42cm x 52cm and retails for $580

The large print is 72cm x 102cm and retails for $1,250.00

*If you live in Sydney (or Melbourne or Auckland! – there are road shows!) and consider yourself the teeniest bit creative, it’s illegal not to know about the School. If you don’t happen to live in the region, it’s still worth a look-see. I’d quite like to be like Megan Morton when I grow up…