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(Image by TSL)

(Image by TSL)

Oh, Erik Estrada. I loved you when I was about 11…

If you’re old enough to know who both Erik Estrada and Emilio Estevez are without googling them, then you may better understand just why I love the quirkiness of Christina Vanko’s recent project, ‘Modern Day Snail Mail’.

There is something so much more personal in the handwritten word than of those merely typed onto a screen. There is a sense that the writer is closer to you. That a little piece of them is on the page.

I’ve always had a thing for beautiful handwriting. Especially, when one has such a fabulous calligraphy technique as Christina Vanko! 

Diane Lane Quote

Sadly, my calligraphy skills are not up to par with Christina’s
(Image by TSL)

Anyhoo, who is this Christina Vanko of whom I speak, you may ask?

A fairly recent graduate of Indiana University’s BFA Graphic Design, she started this whimsical project after trying out her father’s calligraphy pen and falling in love.

She decided to create handwritten text messages for a week – 7 days without using the keyboard on her phone to send a message. Instead, she wrote out all her messages on paper before taking a photograph, which was then sent as a text message.

Copies of Christina Vanko's Texts

Copies of Christina Vanko’s Handwritten Texts
(Image from here)

Copy of Christina Vanko's Handwritten Texts

Copy of Christina Vanko’s Handwritten Texts
(Image from here)

In this modern age of texting in lieu of telephone conversation, or even face-to-face communication, this is no mean feat. And, if you think I am joking – consider this: the teenager has been known to sit on the same couch as his best friend while they text each other. Seriously.

And, don’t even get me started on whether he can write in cursive…

So, as I received so much pleasure out of Christina’s project, I am making my own wee pledge to hand-write whenever I can. Instead of dashing off an email ‘thank you’ note, I am promising myself that I will make the time to hand-write a card and send it via snail mail. And, who doesn’t love receiving a handwritten note or letter in the post…?