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Bespoke Letterpress

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Following on from yesterday’s post on ‘Modern Day Snail Mail’ – and, my pledge to make the time to handwrite more often in this modern, digitised world we now text in; it seems timely that today I bring you the very lovely Bespoke Letterpress (and news that their Christmas Shop is now open for business…)

I’m the proof – you can’t throw away tradition. (Vivienne Westwood)

Lovely letterpress printing is a form of relief printing and was first invented by Johannes Gutenberg way, way back in about 1439.  For the longest time – or, until the 19th century at least, it was considered the norm in terms of printing.  Then, offset printing was introduced and the craft of letterpress was moved aside for the more efficient ‘modern’ way of printing…

More recently, like many arts and crafts of old, letterpress printing has seen a renaissance. Happily so, I say.

I first discovered the particular old-meets-new charm of Bespoke Letterpress a couple of years ago – I think it was at the Powerhouse Museum’s Young Blood Designers Market. I’ve long enjoyed the old-fashioned craftsmanship of letterpress, but the Bespoke stand jumped out at me because of a print they had developed around ‘Love you the longest time‘.

My sister has signed off both telephone conversations and letters to me with, “Love you long time”, for as long as I can remember. So, of course, I had to get this for her…

Love you the longest of time by Bespoke Letterpress

Love you the longest of time by Bespoke Letterpress
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I think I may have mentioned my slightly anal habit of selecting a themed, matched Christmas wrapping style each year. I’m seriously considering the Bespoke double-sided wrap for 2013. The big question is, do I go with the Nordic/Confetti option oor the Holly/Stars…? What do you think?

Nordic Confetti

Nordic/Confetti double sided wrapping paper

Nordic/Confetti double-sided wrapping paper
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Holly Stars Double sided wrapping paper

Holly/Stars double sided wrapping paper

Holly/Stars double-sided wrapping paper
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Of course, that would mean I’d have to go the whole hog with gift tags and red and white striped ribbon, too…

Bespoke Letterpress Gift Tag and Ribbon

Bespoke Letterpress Gift Tag and Ribbon
(Image from here)

Do go and check out the Bespoke Letterpress Christmas shop – it’s quite gorgeous. You can find the beautiful double-sided wrap and much more…