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I know – his work is perhaps a tad too mainstream to be considered quirky, particularly for you Northern Hemisphere dwellers, but hear me out… I spotted these Jonathan Adler Williamsburg vases the other day and added them to my wee list of ‘things I like’.

As with so many things, when you change the context, you introduce a new perspective.  Forget they are a fabulously-fun-yet-not-quite-quirky Jonathan Adler design… NOW, might they look the teeniest bit quirky?

Jonathan Adler Utopia Williamsburg Vase
A little bit of whimsy for US$38 for the pair
(You can buy them here)
His and hers, no less!

Following on from that find, I thought it only reasonable to take a decent squizz at the flamboyant Mr Adler’s site.  You know what? – he’s got some funky stuff. If its been a while since you popped your head in, let me share a few things that tickled my wee fancy….

Jonathan Adler Zebra Rug - in orange
Hand loomed llama's wool rug from Peru at US$995
(You can buy them here)
Who knows where I would put it but its ORANGE!!! (or black, pink, red, turquoise, green...)

Jonathan Adler leather Terrier
Handcrafted from full grain leather at US$695
(You can buy them here)
Or, maybe you'd prefer a hippo' or pig or elephant or rhino'?

Jonathan Adler embroidered 'Specs Case' - in green
Handmade wool needlepoint for US$42
(You can buy them here)
I suspect it makes me officially old that I even need to consider a specs case...

Jonathan Adler Walnut Claude Special Edition Gossip Bench Set
You can stack or reconfigure to your hearts desire. This one for US$1,890
(You can order one here)
These are limited edition collectors editions and - forget the exorbitant shipping costs - I have no-where in my home to put one. DAMN IT!!!

Jonathan Adler Mod Love Cushion
Spread the love with needlepoint at US$175
(You can buy them here)
This design is also available as a footstool. Perhaps not together, though... too matchy, matchy, matchy!

I even quite like the Jonathan Adler manifesto.  Who doesn’t appreciate a brand that has the audacity to state, “We believe that when it comes to decorating, the wife is always right. Unless the husband is gay.“? Or, what about, “We believe tassels are the earrings of the home“? What do you reckon’?