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Carry Corp. is a Wellington-based Kiwi company formed “to create bags + accessories that look the same but different.” I reckon’ they have succeeded.  They make all their product in New Zealand. What makes them stand out from the crowd is their products are not made from the usual materials.

Carry Corp Bag

Check out ‘Jim’, the weekend bag.  It’s gorgeous.  It’s made out of 100% merino felt (and lined with spinnaker). Like Joseph’s coat, it comes in many colours.

Carry Corp 'Jim' YellowCarry Corp 'Jim' Orange

Carry Corp 'Jim' CharcoalCarry Corp 'Jim' Blue































‘Jim’ is apparently durable, strong and light.  ‘Jim’ is great in the rain (useful given the wet weather we’ve been having).  ‘Jim’ has a studded base to avoid dirty floors (hate it when bags don’t have that feature) and “fits shoes, jeans + all your clothes” for an overnighter.

How cool is ‘Jim’?

Carry Corp. sells through retailers in Auckland and Sydney, and you can purchase direct from their website.

(all images sourced from Carry Corp.)