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I’m going to go out on a limb here, and say I suspect that the average reader of This Sydney Life is perhaps not a regular watcher of music videos. Have to admit that I’m not either (which is why this post is hardly breaking news).

For that reason, I want to share Ed Sheeran‘s ‘Lego House’ video with those of you who have not yet stumbled across it. I think it’s fab’.

Ed Sheeran (is one of the latest big things to come out of the UK music scene. He’s an English singer/songwriter who also) bears a passing resemblance to Rupert Grint (who gained global recognition in the Harry Potter movie franchise as Ron Weasley).

Here’s a pic of Ed (L) and Rupert (R) to illustrate that resemblance:

Image of Ed Sheeran & Rupert Grint

Anyhoo, the ‘Lego House’ vid’ features Rupert Grint as an obsessive fan who stalks Ed.  It’s funny and it’s clever AND it’s worth a wee look-see if you have a few minutes to spare…