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Image of Purple Jeff Koons Balloon Dog

Jeff Koons is well-known for his reproductions of banal objects – case in point, his balloon dog works. Some see Koons as a pioneering artist of our time, while others dismiss his work as nothing more than kitsch.

Me, I love a bit of what I am calling, up-market kitsch. Others may call it something else! I especially seem to love it when coupled with dog images incorporated into lighting (I refer you to this post, here!). Strange but true!

My latest up-market kitsch find is that of Porta Romana’s Balloon Dog Lamps. Just the right amount of tongue-in-cheek quirk combined with style…

Image of Porta Romana Balloon Dog Lamp in fuscia

This lovely wee number also comes in black. You can select your own lampshade colour.
Image of Porta Romana Ballon Dog Lamp in black
Andrew and Sarah Hills founded Porta Romana in 1988.  They are a UK-based atelier “devoted to creating objects of beauty”.